eurocom was founded in 1982 by its current owner, doug hill, though the name of the company at the time was hill's custom countertops. doug, along with his two brothers, had worked as a carpenter for many years for his father kermit's construction company, and during that time they had the opportunity of working on many high-end homes. his brother, brian, still operates that company.

having had enough of climbing up icy roofs, doug decided it sounded like a good idea to try his hand at cabinetry. he had planned on doing this several years earlier, but a fire destroyed the home whose basement was to be his cabinet shop. but that was then, and now, with some seed money from the bank and a tuck-under garage, it was time for the dream to be realized.

it is never easy to start a business, but luckily, the years of working carpentry paid off in the form of a decent customer base from which to generate referrals. having worked on high-end homes during his time as a carpenter, the type of work which came in tended to be of a desirable nature, and doug thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to be innovative.

innovation, in this case, meant exploring all of the newest methods and materials which were then coming into vogue; System32 european-style construction, solid-surface countertops, radiused laminate doors; these were the order of the day, and they all required specialized equipment. so equipment he bought. by this time, the name of the business had been changed to cabinets plus.

at the time, the owner/operator of a one-man cabinet shop might have been locked away in a padded room for wanting to spend tens of thousands of dollars on specialized equipment like an edgebander or a line-boring machine, but these things were absolutely necessary, if the type of work the shop was doing was to continue. it was not a bad bet either, because in general, cabinet makers are not known for their tendency to innovate; doug's refusal to fit the mold in this respect ensured that he would continue to have an open market.

this quest for newer and more efficient means of production eventually led to the purchase of the shop's first cnc router, a morbidelli U-13, in 1991. about this time, the business name was changed again (apparently, this was not the only cabinets plus around, and that name was not deemed worthy of fighting over) to eurocom, which was simply a contraction of euro, pertaining to the european style cabinetry which the company built, and com, which was a home-spun acronym for computer operated machinery (as if the world didn't already have enough acronyms).

work continued on this way through the nineties, until a large contract around the turn of the century brought to light the fact that the now nearly-a-decade-old morbidelli cnc router was no longer going to cut the mustard. additionally, the edgebander which was in use was about fifteen years old and it was really beginning to show its age; so the next step in the shop's development was at hand. arrangements were made to have a brand new komo VR510 cnc router installed, and along with it, a new edgebander. where the morbidelli had a cup-style vacuum hold-down, the new komo had a flow-through spoilerboard vacuum bed and, being fitted with a 16hp spindle, was up to the task of cutting most anything that could be thrown at it, and at a very high volume, to boot. in terms of workflow, the komo simply revolutionized the entire production philosophy of the shop, meaning that, for example, it was no longer necessary to keep the sliding table-saw that had been the main workhorse in the cutting department. the largest saw in the shop now is a small delta unisaw bought as surplus from a high-school shop class; it is simply not necessary to have any more than this anymore.

and that brings us to today. now much less of eurocom's work is made up of custom cabinetry; much of the work done consists of custom-cutting volume parts on the komo, supplemented with other offerings designed in-house and offered on a wholesale basis to other cabinet shops; semi-custom drawers (i.e. configurable, custom-sized), and our new trash-recycle center, which you can read about on the products page.

thanks for reading this far; we hope you have enjoyed learning a bit about where we began, and we look forward to making you a part of where we are going.

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